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Discounted seamen – seafarers tickets,
flights and fares - tariffs  are our key business activity.

Mariner Travel Ltd agency is specialized in marine travel, in the movement of ships crew, focused in seaman airfares for international flights.


MARINER TRAVEL is privately owned and operated travel Management Company, allowing us to maintain our focus on managing the professional travel requirements of companies in the marine and offshore fields and efficiently delivering the best service and prices to our customers.

MARINER TRAVEL offers the top quality of service to ship owners and ship managers worldwide specializing in the travel of seafarers and offshore crew around the globe, in one-way or two-way changeable and refundable airfares which often come with no or minimum restrictions.

MARINER TRAVEL with the main office in Croatia and with the affiliated partner’s branches in France, Greece, UAE, India, Philippines  and USA we are actually covering the whole world; there is no destination where we cannot issue airplane ticket.

Seamen wishing to check the trip can view flight booking which we made through Check my trip. You will need the reservation code (It is sometimes referred to as "PNR" or "Record Locator") and your name to access the booking
Click on: https://www.checkmytrip.com/

Discounted seaman’s fares are valid for:

  • Persons who have an active seagoing duty and work on board a ship belonging to a merchant marine, or cruise liner and are joining or are being repatriated from such ship 
  • Any person who qualifies under a specified Government Order Seaman Fare

  • Marine employees travelling to/from floating oil rig which is maneuverable under its own power

  • Engineers/Contractors/Ship's Inspector travelling to carry out work on a vessel either in dock or at sea

  • Spouses and infants/children of the crew members travelling with the crew member or to meet the crew

  • Member aboard the vessel with reference to the Oil/petroleum industry offshore personnel or oil rig crew, only passengers who meet the following criteria may use the seaman’s fares when travelling on duty to/from offshore rigs:

Workers engaged in contract drilling of offshore oil and gas well as land rigs and deep water drilling.
Anyone employed to work on an offshore rig providing engineering, mechanical scientific and management services such as Geologist, Rig Managers, Drilling crews, Loading-handling crews, catering/living quarters crew .
Note: Company Managers and other office based staff not mentioned in the definitions above are not eligible to use seaman’s fares

Passengers travelling with an marine fare ticket must produce one of the following documents as proof of eligibility.

Documentation :

  • The Seaman Book

  • A confirmation written on the original letterhead of the shipping or cruise company, the shipping or cruise company’s agent, the ship's captain, the manning or crew recruitment agency.

  • The written confirmation/application must state the crew member's name, date of travel, name and location of vessel and verify the passenger's position of employment on board.

  • Marine employees travelling to/from floating oil rigs which are manoeuvrable under their own power must be in possession of a letter issued by the employer or rig owner. The letter must state the rig's name and location, dates of travel.

  • Spouses and infants/children of crew members must carry a letter issued by the shipping or cruise company stating the passenger's name, date of travel, name and location of the vessel and the crew member's position of employment on board.

  • Engineers/Contractors/Ship's Inspectors travelling to/from new-buildings or vessels in harbour or dry dock must carry a letter issued by the ship owner stating the location of the dock or ship yard, the name of the vessel or new-build and the passenger's position of employment.

  • All passengers travelling to/from offshore rigs, land rigs and deep water drilling must be in possession of Company identification